Good quality wood pellets

Why is it important to use good quality pellets? In this article, we at Schneider Pellets will give an accurate explanation of how and why the quality of one of today’s most advanced heating methods is so important. You can find pellets in many places, but you need to know which are the real quality […]

Types of pellets | How to choose the right one for us?

Given the variety of wood pellet heating options and individual consumer preferences, there really is no “best type of wood pellet” or “best brand of wood pellet”. However, there are the best types of pellets for you. How to choose from SchneiderPellets? Ask yourself the following questions:   Which types of pellets are higher quality […]

Storage of pellets – how should we proceed?

Storage of pellets – Why is it important to understand? Pellet heating is becoming more and more popular these days due to the many advantages it offers such as high efficiency and long-term economy. However, it is important that if we choose this source of heat, we should familiarise ourselves with the basic rules for […]

The advantages of pellets compared to other heating fuels

Wood pellets are increasingly “conquering” the market in Bulgaria. This type of heating does not stop gaining supporters thanks to its main advantages – environmentally friendly and high calorific value. In this article, we from Schneider Pellets will show you what are the advantages of pellets over other heating fuels. Compared with electricity This type […]

Four tips for properly storing wood pellets

When you read or hear somewhere “wood pellets – the fuel of the future”, rest assured that it is true. Ever since they entered the market in Europe back in 2010, this type of fuel has been hinting that it is going to “conquer” the world. So, 10 years later, the results are already in. […]

Pellet heating – tips and advantages

Increasingly, households in Bulgaria choose pellet heating. In recent years, this type of fuel has penetrated extremely quickly and this is due to the positives it has in its use. We at Schneider Pellets will do our best to give you some valuable tips on what the advantages of pellet heating are. Since the price […]