pressed wood pallets, presswood pallets


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Pressed wood pallets are ideal for export, they save space, are financially advantageous and do not need additional treatment. The treated wood complies with ISPM 15 and NIMF 15 - international standards.

Thanks to their unique design our products allow for optimal loading and storage. The use of our pallets in any production or trade saves space in both loading/unloading area as well as in storage.Schneiderpellets specializes in producing premium-quality pallets for global markets, boasting large-scale manufacturing capabilities.

Presswood pallets- ISPM 15 certified

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Eco-pressed wooden pallets are made of dried sawdust and fibers glued under high pressure and temperature. Thus, the pallets meet the phytosanitary requirements for the use of wood packaging. We offer high quality at low prices;

ready for export

Pressed pallets shall be classified as 'treated wood' in respect of ISPM15 /NIMF15 and shall not be subject to controls in respect of additional treatment and certification.

Convenient and budget-friendly

Get the most optimized packaging that reduces your costs and footprint on the environment, and also save space.

without the need for phytosanitary treatments or IPPC stamps

Heat treatment or fumigation with the insecticide Methyl bromide required for solid pallets and IPPC marking are not required for pressed wood pallets wood! High temperature and pressure pressing technology eliminates the need for phytosanitary treatments or IPPC stamps.

personalised export certificate

With our certificate you can prove "in black and white" at customs control that the pressed wood pallets are in compliance with the standard ISPM 15.


Any pallets that are damaged or unfit for further use may be recycled and recycled, forming a perfect product cycle.

a solution for use in many industries

Pressed pallets are suitable for use in many different types of industries - automotive, metalworking, white goods, equipment, paper, manufacturing ammunition, brewing, construction and many others.

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Dimensions of eco-compressed wood pellets

Euro format

Dimensions: 800×1200 mm

This type of eco-pressed pallet is equal to the European standard pallets, but weighs only 12.5 kg. This makes it even easier to lift and carry.

Its design allows easy and sturdy packaging with stretch film.

All eco-pressed pallets meet the ISPM15 standard and are the perfect solution for shipping shipments worldwide.

eco-pressed wood pallets, pressed wood pallets, presswood pallets
  • Static load: 3000 kg
  • Dynamic load: 1250 kg
  • Entrance: 4-way

Industrial format

Sizes: 1000×1200 mm

This pallet was designed for industrial purposes and is perfect for transporting shipments by sea and air, as it is exempt from ISPM15 regulations.

eco-pressed wood pallets, pressed wood pallets, presswood pallets
  • Static load: 3000 kg
  • Dyanmic load: 1250 kg
  • Entrance: 4-way

Need a different size pallet? send an inquiry

We can produce wood pallets in special sizes to suit your needs. Our team will prepare for you individual offer.

    You can see the difference that the use of eco-compressed wood pallets makes in warehouses and storage areas loading and unloading. Using them allows you to make the most of your space and leads significant savings on additional product transportation costs:

    eco-pressed wood pallets pressedwood pallets, pressed wood pallets, presswood pallets
    eco-pressed wood pallets, pressedwood pallets

    The pressed pallets are made from recycled wood, thus protecting natural resources. All pallets that are damaged or unfit for further use are recycled and reprocessed, forming a a perfect product cycle.


    The pressed wood pallets comply with the international standard ISPM 15 and do not require pre-treatment or IPPC marking for worldwide export. To speed up customs processes, we offer customized export certificates for each of our customer.

    The certificates for the pressed pallets must be filled in with the details of the company that sends the consignment (exporter). For example, if you have sold the pressed wood pallets to a customer, who uses them to ship the goods, then the customer must be listed as exporter on the certificate.

    eco-compressed wood pallets - optimized packaging, environmentally friendly

    Manufacturing process and differences with traditional pallets

    Pressed pallets are produced by a process in which dry sawdust is glued together with resin and then formed from steel moulds under high pressure and high temperature. We owe big manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria and offer international transport.

    In contrast to traditional Euro or Epal pallets, pressed pallets do not need fumigation. The technology of pressing under high temperature and pressure, eliminates the need for phytosanitary treatments or IPPC seals.

    Environmental protection

    Recycling is one of the best solutions for protecting the environment. The aim is to limit the use of natural resources and reduce waste by reusing the same products as much as possible. This way of using materials and products, at the same time supports as low costs as possible.

    Our pallets offer solutions that help you limit negative environmental impact in the production, transport and disposal of packaging. Your choice of packaging has an impact on waste management, as well as the cost of waste disposal, which you should also include in the total cost of your business.

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    eco-pressed wood pallets, presswood pallets
    eco-pressed wood pallets
    eco-pressed wood pallets