Pellets class A1

Quality softwood pellets

Pellets are on the rise globally and across Europe as highly efficient, environmentally friendly biofuels.

Industrial enterprises, power plants, municipal heating plants and private houses use the large potential of small biomass pellets. Our experience and know-how guarantee the highest quality pellets for private and industrial combustion plants or for fully automated heating.

For Axel Trade 2009 Ltd. the timber from each tree is a valuable resource. That is why we use for Schneider pellets, only FSC certified wood.

Characteristics of softwood pellets Schneider

100% softwood (pine) without chemical impurities

The use of additional glue deteriorates the quality of the pellets.

The lignin contained in the wood softens at temperatures above 100°C and plays a as a natural glue.

Dissipated heat – 5 kWh/kg

Pellets with higher calorific value have been proven to result in lower energy consumption and lower thus reducing your heating bills

Ashes on burning ≤ 0,7%

Pellets after which larger amounts of ash remain indicate poorer quality , impurities and cause problems with heating appliances.

More ash means you need to clean your pellet boiler/fireplace a lot more often.

Moisture ≤ 10%

One of the factors for poor combustion can be precisely the high moisture content. The increased amount of moisture takes away from the heat produced by combustion.

Quality low moisture pellets do not emit white smoke when burning.

Diameter 6 mm

Uneven length and greater such may be the cause of higher cost in heating.

Schneider Pellets meet the requirements (up to 35мм и диаметър 6mm.) for pellet quality EN Plus A1.

Volume density 600 ≤ BD ≤ 750 kg/m³

The volumetric weight of wood pellets can vary depending on the type of wood, the moisture content, the size and shape of the pellets and the degree of compaction.

Values of 600 ≤ BD ≤ 750 kg/m³ are acceptable for ENplus A1. The Schneider index Pellets - 702 kg/m³.

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Schneider softwood pellet packaging types

15 kg bags

For our end customers who heat their houses and apartments, we have the convenient 15 kg cuts, which are transported in a pallet of 70 bags.

  • Schneider pellets
  • Holz Pellets Pine Hot Sticks

Price per pallet from our factory in Samokov: XXX bgn.

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Jumbo bag (big bag) 1000 кг

For industial installations we offer the universal Big bag, which weighs 1000 kg.

The Schneider Pellets team will tailor an offer to suit your needs.

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We will prepare a proposal that includes the price of pellets according to the season, as well as the most advantageous amount for transport.

    Quality and certification of Schneider Pellets

    Certificate EN Plus

    "Axel Trade 2009 Ltd. received its certificate of quality of the pellets on 24.06.2019. This valuable certificate was issued by the Italian official certification body "ENAMAgroenergie" with the number N.2/188 in accordance with the regulatory requirements UNI EN ISO 17225/2014 parts 1 and 2 and UNI EN ISO 15234/2011 and 2012 as a certified Class A1 manufacturer.

    Our customers put their trust in premium products.

    The best employees, a complete internal quality assurance system and continuous external monitoring ensure consistently high quality standards. The certificate of one of most important testing institutes and institutions in the world, document the success of our efforts.

    For the last 10+ years, we have successfully worked for a product of high, consistent quality by never stopping our efforts to get better and to make the best quality possible, environmentally friendly pellet on the market.

    The continuous monitoring of the production process, the implemented quality systems and especially the feedback from our customers gives us confirmation that we offer the market a product with the most highest quality and makes us never stop looking for and offering the best for our customers.

    Get to know the production, packaging and storage process of Schneider Pellets

    Our factory is located in Samokov, at the foot of the Rila Mountain.

    We have three press machines and a total of over 5 tons per hour of production capacity for creating high quality softwood pellets without bark in them.

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    advantages of Schneider softwood pellets


    Wood pellets have a decisive advantage: the raw material from which they are made grows again again and again.

    The energy requirement for drying sawdust to a certain low humidity, is covered by our stove, which is fed mainly by the bark that comes as waste wood from our debarkers.

    We can assume that wood pellet production is considered almost CO2 neutral.


    Pellets are a convenient comfort fuel that is not only CO2 neutral and generates heat in a environmentally friendly way, but also represents a good alternative to fuel oil or gas.

    Standardised quality with EN Plus certification guarantees high thermal value.

    One tonne of pellets is equivalent to the calorific value of approximately 500 litres of heating oil.


    Pellets are easy to store and use.

    Thanks to the high quality standards and the repeated screening of the pellets is dust-free blowing is possible in the presence of screw feeding.

    Modern pellet heating systems are very convenient to use and are characterised by particularly low emissions.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the optimal pellet length and thickness?

    According to the standards of pellet installations, their length should be between 30 and 40 mm, and diameter – 6-8 mm.

    What are the main characteristics of pellets to look for?

    The pellets must have a low ash content, thus protecting the fireplace From pollution. Another important condition is that they are made from clean wood and of course have low moisture content.

    Where should we store the pellets after we buy them?

    The most important condition is that the place where you will store your pellets is dry. So the product will retain its properties for longer. It is also a good idea not to place the bags directly on the the ground, but on a pallet.