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leaders in the wood and wood biomass pellet industry

Our team of ambitious professionals works daily to improve our operations and achieve our two main goals - to be among the leading companies in the industry and to satisfy to the maximum to the fullest the requirements of our customers - by offering a product of high, consistent quality and truly meeting to your laboratory analysis!

For Axel Trade 2009 Ltd. the timber from each tree is a valuable resource. That is why we use only FSC certified timber.

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Certificate EN Plus A1

On 24.06.2019 Axel Trade 2009 Ltd. certified its pellets with EN certificate. Plus A1. This means that our product meets all European quality requirements and is A1 class - the highest!

FSC Сертификат

Pressed pallets are ideal for export, especially where traditional wooden pallets not can be used. Treated wood complies with ISPM 15 and NIMF 15 - International standards.

forwarding and logistics

Our factory is located in Samokov, at the foot of the Rila Mountain.

We have three press machines and a total of over 5 tons per hour of production capacity to create high quality softwood pellets without bark in them.

For the last 10+ years, we have successfully worked for a product of high, consistent quality by not stopping our efforts to get better and to make the best quality possible, environmentally friendly pellet on the market.

The continuous monitoring of the production process, the implemented quality systems and especially the feedback feedback from our customers gives us confirmation that we offer the market a product with the highest quality and makes us never stop looking for and offering the best to our customers.

"Axel Trade 2009 Ltd. assists customers in the delivery of pellets to various destinations throughout the country. For more information you can contact us at the phone number and e-mail address we have provided. We will prepare an offer for you, which includes the price of wood pellets according to the season, as well as the amount for transport.