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Pellets are a convenient fuel that is not only CO2 neutral and generates heat in a environmentally friendly but also represents a good alternative to fuel oil or gas.

One tonne of pellets is equivalent to the calorific value of approximately 500 litres of fuel oil per heating oil.

eco-friendly products

The raw material from which our products are made grows again and again.

For Axel Trade 2009 Ltd. the timber from each tree is a valuable resource. Here why we use for the production of Schneder pellets, only FSC certified wood material.

convenient solutions

The pellets are easy to store and apply, coming in convenient cuts About end users as well as industrial solutions.

The use of pressed pallets in any production or trade saves space in both loading/unloading area as well as in storage.

proven quality

The best employees, a complete internal quality assurance system and continuous external monitoring ensure consistently high standards of quality.

Certified by one of the most important testing institutions in the world, documenting the success of our efforts.

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Pellets class A1 from softwood without chemical impurities

Wide partner network across the country

The best quality softwood from Rila, selected with care for nature

No harmful emissions and soot

Minimum amount of residual ash when burning

Exports to Italy, Greece and North Macedoni

Logistics solutions for delivery to anywhere in the country and abroad

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eco-compressed wood pallets for all your transport and storage needs

Ready for export

A convenient and inexpensive option for storing and transporting your goods

Does not need IPPC - marking

Does not require ISPM 15 - heat treatment

No phytosanitary certificates required

Does notrequire a large storage space

Their dimensions allow seamless use in ISO containers

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our factory

Our factory is located in Samokov, at the foot of the Rila Mountain. We have three press machines and a total of over 5 tons per hour of production capacity to create high quality softwood pellets without bark in them. We are also big manufacturer of pressed wood pallets.

For the last 10+ years, we have successfully worked for a product of high, consistent quality by never stopping our efforts to get better and to make the best quality possible, environmentally friendly pellet on the market. The continuous monitoring of the production process, the implemented quality systems and especially the feedback from our customers gives us confirmation that we offer the market a product with the most highest quality and makes us never stop looking for and offering the best for our customers.

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