Four tips for properly storing wood pellets

April 22, 2020

When you read or hear somewhere “wood pellets – the fuel of the future”, rest assured that it is true. Ever since they entered the market in Europe back in 2010, this type of fuel has been hinting that it is going to “conquer” the world. So, 10 years later, the results are already in. We can trace the sales growth in Germany. Wood pellets were introduced there in 2010. In the first six months, 720 000 tonnes were produced, and in 2015, over the same time period, we saw an increase of 500 000 tonnes, so that 1 220 000 tonnes were produced. Gradually, this type of heating during the cold months is also entering Eastern Europe and is also taking over the market. More and more households are relying on this fuel, but it must be stored correctly so that the quality is not damaged. That’s why we at Schneider Pellets will give you four tips on how to protect your wood pellets.

1. The best option is to have the pellets stored in the house/apartment

If you have a spare space in your basement or garage, it would be great to make a compartment for the bags. This will guarantee you the highest level of protection. It’s a good idea to lay something under the pellets and place the bags of wood pellets on top of it.

2. A well-chosen spot in the yard also works, but...

If you cannot store your pellets at home, you can do it in the yard. However, think carefully about where you are going to put them before doing so. For a start, choose the highest part of the yard. Place a platform so that the pellets are not on the ground and at the same time be sure of stability.

It’s a good idea to have the space near a fence or house to protect it from rain and strong winds.

You avoid placing your pellets under trees. You can also make a shed to further store the sacks and their contents.

3. Limit moisture as much as possible

ATTENTION! Keep your pellets dry and remember that moisture can come from anywhere. Make sure that the pellets cannot get wet. If a wet product is reached, it can no longer be used.

4. Leave yourself access to the sacks

If your pellets are in the yard, be sure you will be able to get to them easily. When shoveling snow, clean well both around them and the path to your “storage” itself. In this way, you will guarantee trouble-free delivery of pellets into the house and charging of the boiler. If your pellets are in the house, keep the room clean and tidy.

And in case you are wondering what kind of wood pellets to use for heating in winter, our advice is conifer pellets. You can read why we chose this product as the best in these news.


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